VanHool Buses

The Van Hool Bus Company was founded in 1947 by Bernard Van Hool. In the earlier years of the Belgian company, they sold Van Hool Coaches all over Europe. In 1957, Vanhool buses made a strategic business partnership with Fiat, which sustained the company for quite some time. Fiat engines and other parts were incorporated into the Vanhool bus design. In the early 80's the great success of the partnership came to an end. Since the mid 1980's, Van Hool coaches for sale have been popular in North America as well. In 1990 they bought LAG manufacturing, and continued to produce their EOS (end of sale) models for about a decade.

Though most Van Hool busses are completely built by the company, they don't always make their own Van Hool bus parts. They have been known to outsource their axles and engines from time to time. Some of the popular types are Cummins, Caterpillar (Cat), MAN, and DAF. They have also sourced gearboxes to Voith and ZF. They have even sourced chassis to Scania and Volvo.

Though not as popular in the USA as companies like MCI, they are actually larger than most. The Vanhool Bus company employs roughly five thousand people worldwide, whereas MCI only employs about 2,000. Two thousand employees is nothing to scoff at, but nevertheless it goes to show you the difference between a company that is spread multi-nationally, and one that is focused in a given continent.

Van Hool Buses for Sale

  • Why buy a Van Hool Bus for Sale? Similar to MCI, Van Hool Buses are known for being exceptionally large. They typically seat 50 or more passengers. With their double decker line, they make for great touring busses. Of course, given the size, they make for good transit buses as well.
  • What to expect from a VanHool for sale? They are the kings of the road. Expect it to be big, beautiful, and expensive! To those looking to save money, you may want to look elsewhere. But if you want to spare no expense on style and class, they are the way to go!
  • What different models of Vanhool buses are there? Van Hool TD925, Van Hool T2145, Van Hool C2045, and Van Hool T815 are some of the more popular models. Others include: A300, A600, AG500, C74, C2035, C2145, T214E, T800, T809, T815, T840, T845, T940, T945, T2140, T2145S, TD824, 2045L
  • How much do Typical Van Hool Coaches for Sale Cost? Though some models are relatively inexpensive, most tend to be in the 100k price range. The most expensive ones can go for 3 or 4 hundred thousand dollars. The least expensive you will likely is is around 30k.
  • Where can I get Van Hool Parts? One of your first stops should be the ABC company's website. They have fresh parts that you can order online. Outside of that, using a search engine to find used Van Hool Bus parts would be a good solution as well.
  • Are there any specialty Van Hool busses? Yes there are. The Van Hool Double Decker is popular, though maybe not as popular as say, a Bristol Double Decker. One nice thing about the Van Hool Double Decker is that it is easy to spot by name. It will have the letter 'd' in the model name. There are also Van Hool articulated buses, known by name to have the letter 'g' in the model.

Van Hool for Sale

Through companies like ABC bus Company (who exclusively sells Van Hool buses), they manage to sell about 600 buses in the U.S. every year. The range on passenger seating tends toward the upper limit of passengers, however they have small models as well. The smallest model seats as few as 18 passengers, while the largest model (a double articulated buss) seats 60.